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literally astoud ourselves. - Thomas A. Edison

Friday, February 11, 2011

Copy Cat!

So I have been wandering aimlessly around blog land for a while now and I'm finding awesome ideas everywhere! Inspiration from others has been the foundation for a lot that's happening in our home right now. My latest adventure in home decor has started with Donna. I first found Donna last year around Christmas and fell in love with not only her fabulous junky decorating but with her and her story, you can check that out here.

And just because she says its okay, I'm totally becoming a copy cat!! Here's a few things I've made and put together all because Donna has inspired me to not only do what you love but to enjoy making your house a home...even if it means using rusty gears & old pallets.

I made this little table for extra storage in our kitchen. I might have to add another shelf for all my cook books but that's for another day :) The entire table and the small box on top is made from old pallet wood we ripped apart. It's a little rough around the edges and not perfect but hey, that describes me just perfectly...

 Here we are grinding off all the ends of the rusty nails. I love the look of the nails so I wanted to make sure the heads were still in there. And no, my hair did not catch on fire ;) And yes we often work in our pajamas...
Once all the ends were off, I drilled my pocket holes with my favorite tool - the Kreg Jig. This little tool makes assembling furniture so much easier and hides unwanted screw or nail holes. I've split so many boards on accident by being too close to the edge but with this it allows you to get right up close to the edge with no splitting! AMAZING!!

This little table is only the beginning for me. I've already made a "barn door" out of old pallet wood and a few more boxes that I will post later once our house is put together. Thanks Donna for all your inspiration!

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