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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

To Cloche or not to Cloche?

What is a cloche!? I've seen these glass domes all over with cute things inside from birds and plants to books. I didn't know there was a name for them, but guess what? There is! So I googled the word "Cloche" and it found some awesome pictures and Wikipedia  describes it as a few things but basically it's the French word for bell and this website even gives more detail with tons of eye candy to go with it. So I've decided I want one too!

How about one to hold yummy desserts?


Or one to show a simple flower arrangement?

Any way they're arranged is adorable and did I mention I want one? So I've been looking around at the few thrift stores I visit. I did find a "cloche" at the DI the other day but it was really small and it had leaves etched into the sides and it was sort of frosted and I want to be able to see what's inside my little cloche ;) So I put it back. Skip forward a few days I begged told sweetly asked my hubby to stop in at a thrift store on the way home. The cool thing about this little store is that it just so happens to be next to another one! Two stores in a row!? Score for me, sorry hubby. So I ran in while he patiently (cough cough) waited in the car with the kids. First store...nothing. Well not nothing, I did find a awesome clock that reminds me of my momma so I had to get it. Second store...AMAZING! It was actually the first time I went there so I was pleasantly surprised to see rows and rows of housewares and kitchen stuff. Woo hoo! I totally scored!

Not only did I find a cloche but another row over I found this little stand so I swooped that up because a cloche on a pedestal is that much better. So before you throw up a little, ignore the 70's brown stain and fabulous design on the tile and the glaring brass. Soon this little sweetie will be my very own little cloche that I can proudly display my goodies in. Best of all, both items were only $7.

Once I get the wood sanded and the tile covered or replaced (it was already off) and the lovely brass painted it will be adorable. Until then here's another wonderful before picture...

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Bonny said...

Definitely to Cloche.

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